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Introduction To Entrepreneurship 

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur but not sure how & what to start from? Learn how to start a start-up. Learn the basics from the start-up mentors and industry leaders who have built multiple startups of their own! 

Total Classes : 8 (duration- 16 hours)
Type: Live - Online
Additional benefits:
Mega webinar with experienced founders for QnA & insights
Free pitch deck template from NIY 

Global program

Learn from the global entrepreneurs and network with co-learners from across the globe; expand your horizons!

Get the most valued certificate  

This program is supported by international networks like LP4Y, Youth Inclusion Network, and 3 other organizations.

Learn from the experienced

The training modules are conducted by founders with decade-long experience in building and helping multiple startups.

Chapter notes in PDF

Along with the live sessions, get chapter notes in PDF for revisiting fundamental points discussed in the program.

ITE- Global Program Module

Total live Classes : 8 (duration- 16 hours) 
Mega webinar with established founders 
 Free pitch deck template from NIY + Completion certificate

Chapter 1 - Identifying

1.5 hours

Picking up the idea: how to choose that one important hinch out of dozen creative ideas that you have?

Chapter 2 - Understanding the market

2 hours

How big is the potential market for your business? What are the key trends, triggers, and scalability of the market? 

Chapter 3 - Drafting a business plan

2 hours

Drafting the structure: What are the important segments to include in the core business plan? How to format & present?

Chapter 4 - MVP & revenue plan

1.5 hours

What is MVP & how to build it? What is the revenue plan and how to plan the financial engineering for long-term operation?

Chapter 5 - Guide to form a business

1.5 hours

Legal & govt. certifications: What are the stepping stones to set up the business? What is necessary documentation?

Chapter 6 - Launching with MVP 

2 hours

How to introduce your business to the market: choosing the first set of customers, response tracking, & brand marketing. 

Chapter 7 - Traction and business metrics

2 hours

What are the key metrics to follow, what do they mean, and why they are vital for the business that you are planning?

Chapter 8 - Fundraising & team building

1.5 hours

How to find talents or like-minded people who will join your goal? What are the steps to raise funds from the investors?

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is open to everyone who wants to know the basics about starting a business. You can be a student, a working professional, a retired person, or just an enthusiast without a tag! Take your first step into the entrepreneurial journey by learning the basics. Rest will follow:-)

Since this program is live-cohort-based, register early to book your seat beforehand. Click here to register for the program.

Once completed with payments, our team will reach out via email confirming your registration, class schedule, class link, contact details within 12 hours. You will be receiving class hand-outs via email after the completion of each session.

Key differences from the generic workshops:
* Realistic, to-the-point, and remarkably easy-to-understand modules.
* Prioritization on the primary know-how of business building, instead of high-level jargon and terms!
* Global learning program: ITE is a multi-country live program that allows learners across the globe to connect and leverage the network.  

You get to learn from the experienced international entrepreneurs who have built, scaled, and exited multiple startups of their own. They have advised and mentored over 100 startups as board members. The modules are created keeping the international standard in mind so that you learn only the relevant information.

NIY Incubation Program is not included as a bundle offer to this course. Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a short course for absolute beginners to have primary education on startups.

However, we'll run an idea hunt campaign around June 2022 among our learner community to find out the best ideas to incubate. Full scholarships will be provided to worthy competitors.

We run multiple training programs simultaneously round the year. Through our idea hunt campaigns, founders can incubate their startups and get personalized guidance from experts. Apart from direct incubation, we also do monthly webinars & AMA sessions with established and experienced founders for others to learn and build big brands of their own.

Feedbacks from our learners:

I have attended two different programs. Very informative and relevant modules. Got to learn about applicable information processing which will help me.

I especially liked how complex subjects are broken down into relatable pop-culture references!
This is surely going to be in the memory for longer than usual.

NIY documents are very handy when drafting B-plans or pitch decks. Very clean and straight-forward. This complements their live sessions very well.

I got to learn about career orientation. The confidence and communication sessions are very very helpful. This works well in my motivation.

We liked the confidence training. For a startup, it's more important to know the self-merit. Thanks for showing how to do it. The b-plan workshop helps too much!

The course on entrepreneurship has helped me more than anything for my new business. Thanks for the to-the-point sessions and the docs.

Give your start-up dream an introduction to reality!


We love ideas!

We love to talk. We love to explore opportunities and possibilities over a cup of..(whatever!).